Prototyping Service

AES prototyping workshops are focused on delivering high quality on low volume assembly. Designed especially for developers to tests their new projects. We can assembly a variety of complex boards at very competitive prices.



Our PCB pool service offers you the most cost effective solution to minimize your product cost. We specialize in arraying several numbers of PCB designs in order to maximize panel usage and improve productivity.


iDEA Center

For Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Engineers and Students. Check our Prototyping Services and see how can we help you ideas turn real.


3D Printing


We offer a range of rapid tooling and 3D printing services so you can quickly have a visual of your product and get the market feedback before committing to your final production investments.


BOM Sourcing

Our sourcing and supply chain services will help you find the parts and components required for your application. Building a product takes time and to achieve it, you need first hand knowledge of what is available in the market.


Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing assembly

Check our full range of manufacturing services dedicated to fulfill customer's quality, cost and delivery time expectations. We help our clients from the very beginning of the project till the final production stage status.



Your Manufacturing Partner For Electronic PCB and PCB Assembly

ASIA ELECTRONIC SERVICES (AES) is a one-stop project development catalyst. Our goal is to help our clients in the development of their products to get to the final production stage faster than conventional supply chain methods. By taking advantage of the pool of resources available in the heart of the electronic industry in China, we can provide fast response and high quality results.

At AES we thrive to offer the best service to our customers so that their projects in China are 100% fulfilled. We have a long experience in China from which our clients can benefit. Our production know-how and flexible resources give the best and quickest solution to any requirement.

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Customer's Feedback

Every company should learn from them

Outstanding Support and Outstanding Business Ethics...Every company should follow the way these guys work. AES IS REALLY WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Peter Burton

Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos

Gracias a AES hemos podido terminar la produccion en el tiempo fijado para poder lanzar nuestra gama de productos en el mercado. Estamos muy contentos de haber elegido a ASIA ELECTRONIC como  partner a largo plazo.

Guzman Fuentes Pedrosa

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All Request For Quotations (RFQ) are free. We will not charge the client for any consultation or project study.

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